Implantable hearing devices and cochlear implants

Sound connects us to our environment, whether it is environmental sounds, social interaction, communication or attending a concert. Only once we lose this sense, do we fully appreciate our dependency on hearing. If you / your child /family member struggles to communicate or hear properly, or that hearing aids do not give adequate amplification, you might be a candidate for an implantable device or a cochlear implant

Do you or your family struggle with hearing loss or deafness? Does it feel like your hearing aids are not giving you adequate amplification of sound? Do you have deafness in the family? A cochlear implant might be the answer for you.

Cochlear implants are electronic hearing devices that restore hearing in the hearing impaired person, although not in the classical way. The hearing nerve is stimulated electrically instead of the normal acoustic stimulation of the hair cells in the cochlea, which are damaged. It is the treatment of choice for severe to profound hearing loss.

People that are possible candidates:

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The comprehensive assessment is aimed at determining whether or not an individual is a suitable candidate for a cochlear implant. The assessment involves consultations with a multi-disciplinary team and consists of the following:

On completion of the assessment process, a decision will be made by the PCIU ( Pretoria Cochlear Implant Unit ) team, as well as with the individual, on whether or not to continue with the cochlear implant.

Cochlear Implantable hearing devices
Dr Anton Smit

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