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Why see an ENT?

If you experience a health issue in your head or neck area, your doctor might recommend that you see an Otolaryngologist / Ear- Nose and Throat specialist (ENT). Dr. Anton Smit is a specialist ENT surgeon with extensive experience, a passion for the latest medical science and technology and a heart for young patients and families. He practices from Midstream Mediclinic in Gauteng, South Africa.

Dr Anton Smit ENT

Our family-friendly practice offers a wide variety of medical solutions ranging from assessed treatment to surgery in different conditions involving the following problems:

The conditions we treat:

Ear conditions Dr Anton Smit

Ear conditions / hearing loss

Nasal Obstruction and sinusitis Dr Anton Smit

Nasal obstruction & sinusitis issues

Tonsillitis Dr Anton Smit

Tonsillitis & recurrent throat symptoms

Nose Job


(Reconstructive cosmetic nose surgery)
Cochlear Implants Dr Anton Smit

Implantable hearing devices & Cochlear implants

Dizziness Dr Anton Smit


All surgical procedures are done at Mediclinic Midstream and CURE Day Clinic Midstream

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