Our practice strives to be available, relevant, appropriate and cost effective. We have an interdisciplinary team, which include audiologists, speech and language therapists, music therapist, bio-engineers, physiotherapists and a balance clinic. These allied health professionals are qualified to not just help with the diagnosis, but also the treatment and rehabilitation. Due to the ideal location of the hospital, most of these services are right at your doorstep

Ear conditions Dr Anton Smit


Nasal Obstruction and Sinusitis


Throat Tonsillitis Dr Anton Smit


Dizziness Dr Anton Smit


These symptoms are extremely common and affect up to 40% of the population. Poor balance puts patients at risk for falling. Falls are currently the leading cause of accidental deaths in persons over 65. Many falls can be prevented if the causes of imbalance are investigated and treated properly. Remember, that vertigo and dizziness are symptoms and not diagnoses. You might have inner ear problems, or dislodged crystals in your inner ears, or underactivity of the inner ear, or even heart or neurological problems, which should be evaluated thoroughly.

Cochlear implants Dr Anton Smit


Cochlear implants are designed to mimic the function of a healthy inner ear (or cochlea). They replace the function of damaged sensory hair cells inside the inner ear to help provide a clearer sound than what hearing aids can provide.

Nose job Dr Anton Smit South Africa


Rhinoplasty or commonly known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure that is performed to alter or to reconstruct the nose. If you are unsatisfied with the cosmetic profile of your nose, or you struggle to breathe, or have nasal obstruction, this procedure might be for you. You might have had previous trauma to the nose, or you feel like the nasal walls collapse when you inhale. You might also struggle with nasal obstruction without any history of note. The indications for surgery are to improve the cosmetic profile of the nose, and/or to improve the functioning of the nose. There are different approaches to this surgery. Open rhinoplasty is a method where the skin- and soft tissue envelope is released from the underlying cartilaginous and bony structure. Endo-nasal surgery is performed where the skin- and soft tissue envelope is left intact, and the procedure is done through minimal incisions on the inside of the nose. Preservation surgery has also gained traction in the last decade. Dr Smit is available to answer all your questions about this constantly evolving field.

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